Why Choose Us

Proof of Stake blockchains have validators who create, propose, or vote on blocks to be added to the blockchain. These validators are required to run robust hardware that is online 24/7 with multiple security features in place.


We can monitor and jump to address any issues that arise. We plan to keep our team in different locations of the world, so rest assured that someone from SkyeStake will always be watching over our nodes.


SkyeStake supports many different cryptocurrencies and Tokens having an easy and seamless entrance and exit of funds.


We have partnered with the world leaders in cloud computing to provide a highly secure and available global infrastructure for our DeFi and staking services.


By choosing SkyeStake, you directly drive the development of tools and dApps on top of the DeFi and staking networks that we support.


We achieve the highest possible level of security for our digital asset management by using HSM devices connected to our servers to sign transactions entirely offline.


You rewards are generated daily. Now, it’s time to enjoy your life and finally let your money work for you.